Life Unlimited, true to its name, strives to create and facilitate adapted experiences that look beyond the “limitations” often associated with physical and cognitive disability. So instead of being defined by what we CAN’T do or DON’T understand, the conversation focuses on what we CAN do and the conditions, equipment and supports that make it all possible.

Serving a large number of individuals with mobility challenges, the physical exercise component is among our most popular offerings. Pressure relief, healthy circulation and the functional use of our bodies are encouraged and made possible by on-site adaptive equipment and a full aide support staff.

Among the most popular (when appropriate) are weight-bearing activities, including assisted walking and assisted standing with the help of a variety of equipment. Jorge Perez [Pictured left] and Roman Cruz [Pictured right] take in some sun outside Life Unlimited with the help of a prone stander and Easystander, respectively. The different types of equipment focus on different areas based on individual needs, specifically crafted for each by Life Unlimited’s PT consultants. Roman and Jorge stand tall and proud with support from their standers, promoting trunk and lower extremity strength and endurance, healthy circulation, improved bowel function, range of motion and relief to pressure areas often associated with extended wheelchair use. While these exercises are by no means a walk-in-the-park, these two men are all smiles and up to the challenge, holding the standing position for a target duration toward maintaining functional body use to aid in their own personal care and mobility everywhere.