How A Local Nonprofit Is Helping To Change The World One Box Of Tissue At A Time

ANAHEIM, Calif. – Aug. 17, 2017 – PRLog — My Day Counts, a nonprofit 501c3 charity in Anaheim California has been hard at work quietly helping the Kimberly-Clark Corporation in achieving their 2022 global sustainability strategy as well as assisting the Corporation in delivering their vision TO LEAD THE WORLD IN ESSENTIALS FOR A BETTER LIFE.

How is this local nonprofit charity who provides life enhancing training programs and services to over 600 adults with disabilities each day been doing business with a worldwide superpower like Kimberly-Clark for over a decade? The answer may surprise you.

Kimberly-Clark needed an efficient way to separate the cardboard box surrounding the tissue inside of their already packaged Kleenex brand of tissue after the product was not being sold for various reasons including damage to the outside of the box. This after waste product then needed to be separated and recycled to be put back into production for new products.

Over the years we have become very efficient in what we do through automation and training” said Michael Galliano, CEO at My Day Counts

“They (Kimberly-Clark) needed to recycle their damaged products and we had a local warehouse and needed to provide job training for people with disabilities. It was a natural fit for us and has become a very important part of what we do here.” Said Michael Galliano, CEO at My Day Counts. “We had been doing this for a long time when we learned about Kimberly-Clarks Global Sustainability Strategy and saw how the separation/recycling work we do for them here at our location it is in complete alignment with their Vision on so many levels. We were so excited to share this story our employees with disabilities and incorporate pieces of it into our work training program.”

“Today our employees know that their work has a bigger purpose and they are part of something much larger than what we are doing here. Today this contract (with Kimberly-Clark) provides over 200 part time jobs every year for people with disabilities.”

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About My Day Counts:
My Day Counts® / The Orange County Adult Achievement Center is a private not for profit 501c3 charitable corporation licensed service provider for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

By our commitment to innovate and maintain high quality programs for our community we are Making Life

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Established in 1951 by parents who wanted to provide enhanced opportunities for their children with developmental disabilities, My Day Counts / Orange County Adult Achievement Center has grown to serve over 800 adults in year-round programs designed to enrich the lives of the individuals served and enable them to achieve their full potential.