After moving to Orange County from the Philippines, Ruby knew that she would need help finding paid employment due to her limited English language skills and an intellectual disability. The Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) led Ruby to investigate local employment vendors to determine which agency would most closely meet her needs. My Day Counts was her first choice. In our discussions with Ruby, we learned quickly that she had a strong desire to help others. After a work based assessment of her skills and abilities, we found that Ruby had a strong work ethic, cooperative spirit and time management abilities. In addition, it was clear that Ruby was eager and enthusiastic about working with people with disabilities and physical limitations.

Ruby now works as an aide at My Day Counts within a day program, assisting the program participants and instructors. My Day Counts provides quality proquest, or assisting other program participants with their daily activities, and preparing art mate- rials. When asked what Ruby likes most about her job, she responded – “I like seeing the participants smile and achieve their goals!”

Being courteous, patient and punctual are just some of the skills that Ruby is recognized for at My Day Counts. Ruby recognizes her skills as being friendly and helpful and states “It is an honor to help others achieve their goals and dreams. Many people have helped me. I’ll never forget their kindnesses.”